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Experience report December 2018

... how is the treatment of children with anal atresia in a developing country? by Dr. Wilfried Krois With the sixth mission of the association “Helping Hands for Anorectal Malformations International” we were able to help numerous children in Honduras for the second time in 2018 (see experience report January 2018) ...


Experience report 2018

Due to the explosive political situation in Honduras, the planned brigade was initially in question in January. There were violent protests across the country, with deaths due to questionable manipulation in the presidential election ...


Experience report 2016

The flight to Honduras is, as always, a small trip around the world with a high-security checkpoint in the United States, but it is definitely worth the effort. In San Pedro Sula we are warmly welcomed and expected by our friends in Honduras.


Experience report 2015

"So good to see you again!" - A warm reunion with Juan, this time already a week before the planned second brigade for anorectal malformations in Honduras at the “Colorectal and pelvic reconstruction conference” in Columbus, Ohio in the USA ....


Experience report 2014

Juan focuses primarily on anorectal malformations. It remains unclear why these occur more frequently in the poorest countries in the world. ...

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